Project Management: An Assignment

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Introduction In a world growing more dynamic and challenging, individuals and institutions seek new ways to adapt to the changing times. One specific solution in this sense is represented by project management. The concept is often associated with the business community, where the projects are business related, but its application in real life is far wider. Particularly, project management is an integrant part of how we organize our personal and professional actions and it impacts every aspect of our lives. In such a setting, the current project commences with a professional application of project management in the context of the New Conference Center, to then move on to its application in wedding planning. The scope is that of critically assessing project management and its application through individual lenses.
2. The New Conference Center The New Conference Center case presents the dilemma of Marcia Williams, a newly appointed conference manager. Her role was that of ensuring the adequate opening and administration of the conference center being built. She nevertheless faced tremendous challenges in this setting, since the nearly finished center had been raised by a faulty design and was encountering several problems, such as inadequate spacing and poor acoustics. The resolution of the issues would lead to additional expenses, would add more time to the completion of the project and would also imply massive changes in the…
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