Project Management Analysis and Internet Forecasting Companies

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Jpz777 03/29/2013 Order # A2089508 At the heart of the internet forecasting case study is an essential project management concept known as "crashing," which involves spending additional funds to accomplish targeted goals ahead of the predetermined project schedule. As the director of operations for B&W Systems, Bob Phillips shrewdly develops multiple task time estimates in his capacity as project manager, in part because he recognizes "the inherent uncertainties associated with software development" (Hall & Ko, 2012). Although it is relatively simple to propose a deadline for project completion, true project management requires a continual process of calculation to determine the probability that these deadlines will be satisfied, and Phillips is tasked with presenting a thorough analysis to his superiors at B&W Systems. One major component of this analysis is premised on the practice of project crashing, or making systemic adjustments to the project's budget/schedule ratios in order to accomplish certain tasks in a more expedient fashion. The need for project crashing in this scenario is determined after "a preliminary assessment by Phillips indicated that some of the project tasks would need to be shortened to meet the management deadline of 35 weeks" (Hall & Ko, 2012), because by shortening these project tasks the overall project budget must be adjusted accordingly. The application of the project crashing requires Phillips to organize a table listing each project task,
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