Project Management And Construction Of The Project

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All the financing, sourcing, bidding management and construction of the project are decided by MOR internally7. Eventually, the power centralized into three people – former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, former railway ministry chief engineer Zhang Shuguang and former China Railway & Communication Group Corp. Chairman Ma Cheng. Liu Zhijun, who had the main leadership responsibility for the accident and acted as the executive sponsor, was sacked and detained in Feb, 2011, before it happened, being accused of corruption6, while Ma Cheng died of a heart attack in the following weeks of the accident. They were all accused of abuse of power and accepting bribes which somehow reduced the budget for the contractual supplier. As a result, corner cut on materials during the construction is common and poses a tremendous risk on riding the train. Cause of failure 3 – transparency and oversight: Transparency is always crucial in project management. However, it has been a problem in Chinese society for thousand years. For example, after the accident, the relevant authorities tried to bury the fallen carriages without thorough life inspection (one little girl was found alive after the carriage was half-buried) and cover up the fact from being exposed to the public8. Even though it is not clear what happened during the project, it is believed that serious transparency problems underlie the deadly accident. Who made the decision to award contracts? How decisions were made for
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