Project Management And Terms Of Its Processes

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1. Explain project communications management in terms of its processes. • Identifying stakeholders - Here the people involved with the project are identified and determining the best way to manage relationships occurs during this process. • Planning communications - In this process you identify the information and communications needs of the stakeholders. You determine who needs the information and when will they will need it. Then you will determine how will the information be given to them. • Distributing information - Ensuring the needed information is available the project stakeholders in a timely manner. • Managing stakeholder expectations - Here you manage communications to satisfy the needs and expectations of the project stakeholders. You also resolve problems that are going on at the present time. • Reporting performance - Here you gather and disseminate performance information. This includes the status reports, progress measurement, and forecasting. (Schwalbe, 2011). 2. Compare and contrast the three types of performance reporting. Reports Descriptions Status Reports This is a report of where the project is at ant a specific point in time. Things addressed in this report are where the project is based on the scope, time, and cost goals. Progress Reports This reports contains information of what the team has been accomplished during a certain period. These reports are typically created monthly or weekly. Forecasts Just like a weather forecast, this is a
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