Project Management And The Major Areas Of Projects Management

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Before we discuss about the Project Management and the major areas of project management, let see actually what is a project? A project is defined as ““a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result” (Schwalbe, 2014). Projects involve different operations like the project is terminated when the scope and objective of the project are met. According to an IT project or any kind of project it involves number of persons or a team or an individual in order to complete the mission. A project can be of different types for example developing a mobile application, implementing a new system, implementation of database for some institution purpose and so on. For implementing or designing a project it involves various technologies like cloud computing, internet and many more the usage of technologies depends upon the specifications of an organization. According to the prescribed text book, we have some attributes which are utilized for defining a project. Let us have a brief look about these attributes: • Each and every project which is being implemented in the current world is unique and has an inimitable purpose. The projects which are done by the organizations have a distinct objective. • Every project has a deadline it does not keep on going without an end. A project usually takes a month or half a year or a year to complete but not more than that. • A project involves modifications, upgradation in middle of the flow of the project. Once of the
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