Project Management And The Roles And Responsibilities Of Project Manager

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Initially I had a view that project management is organized planned objective of an organization with the consideration of all other constraints like budget cost, man-power and utilizing resources. From the classes my knowledge on project management has enhanced. Here I comes to know the different kinds of management in an organization and the roles and responsibilities of project manager, line manager, functional manager and sponsor.
Project manager responsible for coordinating and merging activities across multiple, functional lines. Functional manager has the responsibility to define how the task will be done and where the task will be done. Executive role is project planning and objective setting, conflict resolution, and priority setting. And project sponsor, during planning phase of a project functions in an active role and during kickoff phase of a project, must be actively involved in setting objectives and importance.
I come to know about project life cycles: conceptual, planning, testing, implementation, closure. I just know that project management is planning, organizing, directing and controlling. In my further classes I come to know about these in detailed. Planning makes completely unsophisticated with all stipulated documents. Develop the radical plan for executing and controlling the project and direct the preparation of project procedures. Organizing develop organization chart for project, review project position explication, outlining duties,…
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