Project Management As The Management Of The Work

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According to Russell and Taylor (2014), the project management as the management of the work, including work break down structure, to develop and implement a new idea, innovation or a change in an existing process of the organization. Project management is accomplished by planning the project, controlling the project activities subject to the resource and budget constraints, identified and mitigates the risk to keep the project on schedule. PERT/CPM techniques PERT/CPM are two popular tools which are derivatives of the Gantt chart and as a result are very similar. The Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) which considers probabilistic estimates for task durations, provides a graphics and visual representation of the interrelationship and sequence of individual project activities to determine the expected project duration (SNHU, 2015). The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a one of the other tools to identify the paths through the project activities and uses one time estimate when the duration of the task is solid, whereas PERT uses three time estimates. Over a time CPM and PERT tools have been merged and referred as CPM/PERT. The CPM/PERT uses a network to depict the precedence relationships between activities which is advantage over Gantt chart. The CPM/PERT network are a more efficient as well as direct means of displaying precedence relationships and in a network which is visually easier to see the precedence relationships. Due to this reason CPM/PERT is
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