Project Management: Associated Schools of Construction

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Project Management Overview of Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) The Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) is a professional association dedicating in the development and seeking for the advancement of construction education. ASC is also dedicated in inspiring knowledge as well as guiding and promoting excellence in teaching, curricula research and service. As part of the strategy to inspire knowledge, ACS intends to organize a conference that would be held by April 2014. The conference is dedicated to facilitate and stimulate international cooperation as well as enhancing information exchange for the advance and development of construction education. The conference is also aimed to facilitate information sharing, international cooperation as well as shaping the management of built environment through research and education. Proposal Objective The objective of this proposal is to create a response to the Associated School's Constructions call for the proposal to host the conference. The specific date for the conference will be from 2 April 2014 to 5 April 2014. The conference services will follow ASC operating procedure and by-laws and will be organized for 100 to 200 attendees for a Wednesday through Saturday. The conference service will include site location, billing, planning, scheduling, registration, conference meals, housing arrangements, entertainment, video, web hosting, appurtenant events or activities and recording. With the publication of
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