Project Management Association Of Canada

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Deep Shaileshkumar Shah Mini-Research 2 ENMG-650: Project/Program Management Certification Project/Program Management Certification Organization is something which consist group of people which is use to plan, manage, work, arrange and set specific goals. In an organization we come across many things, short-term goals, long-term goals, different objectives and mainly various certifications and rules. Certifications do play an important role in every kind of organizational institution. What are the different organizations that offer certification? Certification is something which provides assurance and confirmation about specific objects namely; people, organization, projects etc. There are several organizations which provide project management certifications namely, • International Project Management Association (IPMA)[1] • Project Management Institute (PMI)[1] • Center for International Project and Program Management (CIPPM)[1] • Association of Project Managers (APM)[1] • Canadian Project Firm (CPF)[1] • Project Management Association of Canada (PMAC)[6] • Project Management Institute of Canada (PMIC)[1] • Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ)[2] So this are several project management organizations which basically provide certifications. What are the different certifications that are available and how do they differ? There are several certifications provided by different organizations. And all differ from each other. IPMA provides IPMA 4-L-C certification that
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