Project Management At Delphi Printers Essay

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Incorporating ethics in our daily lives is essential, particularly in Project Management. Project Managers are considered to have one of the most difficult jobs due to its distinctiveness. They encounter problems, such as, working with individuals who would rather bend or break the rules, and fail to follow the policies and procedures to achieve outstanding results.
Project managers encounter several stakeholders, and they generally have a direct or indirect concern in the results of the project. There are a unique set of circumstances which causes ethical dilemmas to develop rapidly effortlessly. For instance, as in regards to the simulation in module 6, it is demanded by the senior management from Delphi Printers & Peripherals to complete a multifunctional printer within 12 weeks with a budget of $40,000. There is one unique characteristic that pertains to this project and it is the pressure to accomplish results in a relatively short time frame. Since it is demanded to deliver this product within the 12-week timeframe, there are outside resources to utilize, however, it is costly to use the vendors. In addition, the team members may become frustrated and a overbudget may occur. Therefore, when I complete a run of a simulation, the project is most likely to be overbudget and the team process might be around 75-90/100 and this affect the score, however, demands have been delivered. There were times during the simulation the project was completed after the 12 weeks. When
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