Project Management Body Of Knowledge Framework

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1. Project Management
1.1 Research PRINCE 2
PRINCE 2, which stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments, is a process-based methodology for effective project management. As stated on the website using the PRINCE 2 methodology a project “focuses on business justification, a defined organisation structure for the project team, product based planning approach, emphasis on dividing the project in the manageable to controllable stages and flexibility that can be applied at a level appropriate for the project (ILX Group, 2016).”
The Agile methodology is an alternative type of project management, typically used in software development. It helps project teams respond to change and work iteratively. Throughout a project using the Agile
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3. Executing: Implementing the work through labour, materials and resources.
4. Monitor & Controlling: Progress status tracking, monitoring against the original plan and taking remedial actions wherever necessary to keep the project on track.
5. Closing: Formal acceptance of the product and documentation by client and stakeholders, formalising any warranty, service or client handovers, documentation and summary of lessons learnt throughout the life of the project.
The five process groups are integrated with each other and overlap and interact throughout a project (Willis, 2013).”
The frame work is used to provide a set of guidelines and processes that are drawn from experience in many different sectors and industries. It is generic and can be applied to all types of projects. It provides a standard structure and format that can be integrated with the company’s processes (Willis, 2013).

1.2 Investigate
The Information Management and Technology Group (IMTG) within Department of Social Services (DSS) uses a delivery framework based on the Software Development Lifecycle, to support technical product delivery with the expectation that PRINCE 2 is overlaid to ensure the project is suitable managed. This framework supports both Waterfall and Agile Systems Development Life Cycle (Department of Social Services, n.d.) . The components that are based on PRINCE 2 are the
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