Project Management : Building Team And Managing Human Resources

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All of subjects in project management are very important. However, there are several of them that I personally really keen on including defining project approach and scope, managing project stakeholders, dealing with uncertainty and managing project execution. Looking in more detail at all of those aspects, understanding of project scope is necessary because it require us to understand scope planning which is a critical step in defining project scope including requirement and deliverables called work break structure (WBS) to establish project based line. The establishment of work break down structures (WBS) can minimize the scope creep during the project execution. In term of managing stakeholders, the identification of stakeholders who directly and indirectly influenced by the project and assessing their interest through an active and an effective communication is crucial in the project. Furthermore, the term dealing with uncertainty also help us to evaluate whether scope of the project have been completely understood or not. Indeed, building team and managing human resources in the project are equally essential as well as managing conflicts.

It is true that project management has positive impacts on our daily life. if the project management knowledge areas can be implemented, it will have significant contributions to our personal development. The project management knowledge areas can be defined as various type of processes that associated with discipline of project
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