Project Management Case Study

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MGT202 – Project Management Case Study Charlotte Reed Table of Contents Introduction 3 Case Study One: 3 Risks associated with this project 3 Top 10 steps to deliver this project 5 1. Define the scope 5 2. Determine available resources 5 3. Determine the cost of project 6 4. Assemble your project team 6 5. List the steps 7 6. Develop a plan 7 7. Request project adjustments 8…show more content…
Even though the price would be lowered because of the bad weather as per the tying in price and weather policy, not everyone would still want to go away. Either it needs to be explained clearly on the website that undesirable weather will not entitle any customer to a refund or to change or cancel their booking without penalty; or the policy must be clear in whatever the company decides is fair. For example, it may state that if the weather is unpleasant can change (but not cancel) the booking to another time. Seasonality, particularly when dealing with surf trips, may cause problems with supply and demand. If the weather shows that certain areas will not be ideal spots at certain times, the demand under those circumstances will be low. Based on the principles of supply and demand and the pricing policy, this means the cost must also lower to entice more customers. Furthermore although the reverse would suggest that then during times when the weather, time and location are going to produce results conducive to certain sports that the demand will be high and therefore the cost can be raised also. However, due to the weather being somewhat unpredictable, even the times that should be peak seasons will have days where people do
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