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Project Management – Assignment 2 Project Charter Edward Bye Strayer University Project Management BUS 517 Dr. Ademola Asaya March 3, 2014 Project Charter |Project Name |Department of Defense’s (DoD) provision of electronic access to service treatment record (STR) information and| | |documentation by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) | |Date |February 16, 2014 | I. Background, Vision, Objectivities, Scope On April 9, 2009, President Barack Obama directed the DoD and the VA to create a Virtual…show more content…
Veterans and their families III. Determine the customers who will use the deliverables produced from the project The deliverables produced from this project are will be used, in part, or whole, by the stakeholders in paragraph V, as depicted in the following table. |Stakeholder(s) |Use of Deliverable(s) | |Department of Defense and its Sub-components (SGs, ASD, OUSD, etc.) |Will be able to ensure the provision of medical based on a complete | | |STR through the elimination of paper STR documents. | |Department of Veterans Affairs, and Veterans Benefits Administration |Will be able to render complete medical and dental services and | | |benefits in a timely manner. | |Military service member, veterans, and their families |Veterans and their families with receive medical care and benefits in | | |a timely manner. Benefits adjudication process to be reduced to 45 | | |days, down from current 295 days. | IV. Role and

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