Project Management : Common Project Failures

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Common Project Failures
Katina King
Brenau University Common Project failures
All project managers (PM) want their projects to meet all requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner. However, project failure is common in project management because of undefined uncertainties throughout the project. There are many reasons why projects fail and each project can have its own set of complications. Sometimes it is a single incident, but more often than not, several issues that develop over time during the project combined cause a failure. A good project manager must be able to recognize indicators of failure and take action quickly. This paper will discuss six common reasons for project failure and insight into how to avoid them by addressing them immediately and efficiently.
Poor Planning
Planning is the most important part of any project. A project plan defines the objectives of the project and the goals to be achieved. According to Project Management: A Managerial Approach (2012), the sole purpose of planning is to simplify goal fulfillment over the course of the project’s completion. It acts as a map by helping project members understand what they must do and the risk factors and resources they must utilize along the way. This is a vital stage in the project completion process because when projects are poorly planned, their budgets, schedules, and deliverables may all be in jeopardy. To avoid poor planning issues, the PM should get a good description of the
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