Project Management Concept Worksheet Essay

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Project Management Concepts Worksheet
Concept Application of Concept in the Scenario Reference to Concept in Reading contingency reserve

The issue at Harrison-Keyes is the result of a lack of planning. While issues arose regarding vendors, the issues only pointed to Harrison-Keyes failure to truly grasp the necessity of building in contingency plans. The disaster of those around the company should never have an equally devastating impact on the company. While Harrison-Keyes has thought about contingency planning, their lack of solidifying plans is truly their biggest error.
It is imperative to note that some plans should have been more involved than others. A simple list and communication with alternative suppliers would have been
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Sales came in at less than 25% of projected results; $3M versus $16M. This is certainly one of the clearest signs of need for change. Change could have been effected in any number of ways. Two of the most simple would be to get to the root of the problem, which is the advertising campaign, and fix it. Or, if that did not work, or it was determined that even with proper marketing focus that the plan to build e-publishing would be a flop, the option to redirect the focus of the company’s efforts would be in order. “Periodic measuring of the status of the project allow for comparisons of the actual versus projected plans” (Gray & Larson, 2006, p.3)

Baseline changes

This lack of planning and changes to the baseline were also a major contributor to the problems that arose in the staff’s lack of faith in the company and therefore the exodus from their employer. As the company flip flopped on its position regarding the essentialness of e-publishing, other companies were racing forward with it. Harrison-Keyes had not monitored its progress as well as they needed to, so they could have clearly known when there was a problem. Knowledge of a problem would have been at least a first step, but more essential was a plan to deal with any such problem when one arose. Just like the issue with the supplier, Harrison-Keyes did not design or create a process or method to prepare for such changes, or failures of, the plan. “What was true more than
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