Project Management Concepts and Application Paper

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Project Management Concepts and Application Paper

Project Management Concepts and Application Paper
The company I work for is a private engineering consulting firm. Brown and Caldwell is the largest engineering consulting firm solely focused on the U.S. environmental sector. Our services include utilities, government, technology, industry, water, and environmental. I am currently working on a project in which involves increasing the number of monthly project reviews, which is an area that I am responsible for monitoring. This area is the most monitored of all because my organization has a large issue meeting the company required metrics put in place by the Project Management Office. I have until our fiscal year end to
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The monthly review process has been in place only for about a year so increasing the numbers to meet requirements has not been done before. The Project Management Office has requested a specific time to complete this project and has established a specific requirement, is to get the number of monthly reviews completed above 90%.
My organization operates projects under the structure of dedicated project teams. Once a project is won, it is assigned to a project manager who picks his project team based on skills, resource availability, and budget. My current project falls within this structure. Although I am probably the only person who will work on the project, but I have the flexibility to pull other staff in if need be. I will execute this project separate from the corporate office and I have been granted the authority to execute this project as I see fit. The benefit of this structure is that it is simple, fast, and cohesive. Project teams can execute the project without the interference of upper management and as a result the project gets completed quickly and efficiently.
The culture in my organization has a large team emphasis, member identity, open systems focus, and reward criteria. I believe strongly that this type of culture encourages our project managers and me to perform to the absolute best of our abilities. This culture norm contributes to the continued success of my
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