Project Management : Construction Of Construction

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From the world’s most magnificent structures to embankments that yield to modern day traffic ways, property owners use project management to organize complex builds that bring ideas to life. Contractors build structures in phases, beginning with project pre-planning and culminating in the erection of physical land features. For many years, construction firms documented tasks manually and with limited technology. Now, however, sweeping innovations promise to bring the construction trade up to speed with other technologically savvy industries.

What Is Project Management in Construction?

As outlined by the Project Management Institute, project management is the coordination and monitoring of labor and resources for the duration of a project. [1] Many disciplines practice project life cycle management, which originated in the information technology field. However, any industry that undertakes complex initiatives now uses the practice to manage resources. The construction industry applies project management to build structures for many purposes, such as:

Agricultural production
Public use
Environmental sustainability
Industrial manufacturing
Institutional occupation
Residential dwellings

Each build consists of many interrelated tasks. To keep the projects on track and on schedule, project managers leverage their communication skills, expertise and troubleshooting acumen.

Phase 1: Pre-project Conception and Decision-making Construction projects start out as developers’
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