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1. Crashing tasks on a project can reduce project duration. It is also one of the Project Balancing techniques we discussed. Identify the balancing techniques at each level that should be applied by BAE’s management to improve the probability of success of its BHS project. Justify the use of the technique in both in project management and business terms.

2. Describe the estimating techniques that should be used to schedule the “Building the Shed” project. Explain why you’ve chosen them. When building the shed,

3. What should Strider have done to better manage project risks, by applying the methods and techniques described in our text?

4. Why is scheduling overtime a popular
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Additionally, the city has offered to pay a bonus of $22,000 if her crew can finish the project by the end of the third week of September. Ms. Anderson plans to start work at the beginning of the third week of July. The mayor wishes to avoid problems with snow, which often arrives early because of Ketchum's location at 5,853 feet (1,784 meters) above sea level. For the sake of simplicity, we assume exactly four weeks and 20 workdays for every month. The project network, with normal times, is displayed below:

Please note: “Normal” is used in the same sense as “Current” in our textbook. For example, the Normal Cost of completing activity B in 2 weeks is $10,000, or $5,000 per week. The Normal Time for completing activity B is 2 weeks for all the work to be done for Activity B. a. Calculate the crash cost per week for each activity.

b. Show the priority or sequence of crashing decisions you would make to compress this project’s schedule most cost effectively. (Use a crash table like the ones we used in class.)

c. Calculate total project cost. Keep in mind that the penalty is incurred for every week past the end of September, and remember to consider the bonus.

d. Explain how you would describe the options for compression, and your rationale for each option, to the Ketchum City Council in plain simple business terms that
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