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CASE STUDY : 1 Two new software projects based on strategic management process are proposed to a young, start up company. The Alpha project will cost $ 150,000 to develop and is expected to have annual net cash flow of $ 40000. The Beta project will cost $ 200,000 to develop and is expected to have annual net cash flow of $ 50,000. The company is very concerned about their cash flow.

Q1) Using the payback period, which project is better from a cash flow stand point? Q2) Why explain in detail? Q3) Describe the major components of the strategic management process? Q4) Explain the role projects
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Q1) What should you do? Q2) Explain in detail why? Q3) What is a difference between leading managing project? Q4) Is it important to build a relationship before you need it?

CASE STUDY : 4 You work for a large consulting firm and were assigned to the Gold Star Lan project work on the project is nearly completed and your clients at Gold Star appear to be pleased with your performance. During the course of the project, changes in the original scope had to be made to accommodate specific needs of managers at Gold Star. The costs of these changes were documented as well as overhead and submitted to the centralized accounting department. They proceed the information and submitted a change order bill for your signature. You are surprised to see the bill is 10 per cent higher than what you submitted. You contacted JIM MANSOOR in the accounting office and ask if a mistake has been made. He curtly replies that no mistake was made and that management adjusted the bill. He recommends that you sign the document you talk to another project manager about this and he or she tells you off the record that overcharging clients on change orders is common practice in your firm. Q1) Would you sign the document? Q2) If yes explain in detail why? Q3) If no give reasons and why not? Q4) Why is a trust a function of both character and
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