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The Processes of Project Procurement Derrick A. Gardner University of Maryland University College PMAN 641 March 1, 2015 Project procurement management is an overall process that identifies and acquires the necessary products and services to successful support the development or the ongoing work of a project. Typically, it is the project managers responsibility to oversee the entire procurement process. However, in some instances, the company or organization may seek another person to carryout these responsibilities. According to the PMBOK (2013), there are four processes to project procurement management: Plan Procurements; Conduct Procurements; Administer Procurements; and Close Procurements. Upon examining the…show more content…
These instances typically occur when the developer and/or project manager has no previous experience with developing projects that share similarities. Upon reviewing to the The Springfield Interchange Construction case study, it is suggested that VDOT had never developed large scaled projects, and only had experience with successfully executing projects with budgets under $50 million USD (Shear, 2002). Project managers of The Springfield Interchange Improvement Project allowed the construction phase to begin before the funding was approved. According to the Shear (2002) article, the United States Congress had increased federal spending for the state of Virginia. However, the state was obligated to spend their corresponding funds first. This eventually led to scheduling problems for The Springfield Interchange Improvement Project, because while they state did receive an increase in funding—the department officials waited too long to approve the monies for the project and later weren’t sure if they had enough funding to support it (Shear, 2002). It is evident that the project managers of the Springfield Interchange Improvement Project did not properly utilize the plan procurement process and their techniques. Risk management was not properly performed during the initial stages of the project. Therefore, causing a series of issues—which affected the overall quality of the project’s inception phase. Had the
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