Project Management

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What are some of the principal reasons why Project management has become such a popular tool in recent years? Project Management has become a very essential and popular business tool in recent years. Every successful project must have a person in charge to keep the project organized. Project management includes areas in integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communications management, risk management, and procurement management. Also, The Project Manager deals with standards and regulations of the project, project environment, management skills and interpersonal skills. A project manager must have strong leadership skills. All of these are key ingredients…show more content…
My mother gave me a budget to work with, just enough to start it up. I already had most of the tools need at the house, all I needed was to buy the seed and the dirt. I knew all the inner workings of making a garden, but what I didn’t know was the was kind of seed to buy for the season. I was buying fall vegetables in mid-summer. So when it came time, some months later, to harvest my vegetables, the snow came in and destroyed them. It was horrible. As for the bridge, it turned out better than I could’ve imagined, mainly because I took a year-long Wood Work class a few years before, so I knew what to do with wood. But in this case, it was glue and popsicle sticks. One had the option of building a Truss, Suspension, Camelback, Bow, and so on and so forth. My instructor gave us word that the Suspension bridge is the trickiest to build out of popsicle sticks, knowing me, I went for it anyway. So I bought all my supplies and began working on it. As for the suspension cables, I used guitar strings. It took me the almost the whole first half of the year to build it, but when it was done, it could hold its own. At the end of the semester, the final exam for the bridges, was to see how much weight it could hold and my bridge, and I say this with the least amount of bragging, my bridge held up to 837.5 pds. As for distinguishing them in terms of the process used to create both end results kinda speaks for itself really. The only similarities between them both is the fact
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