Project Management For A Project Manager Essay

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Resources available to support the project manager In order to run a project, the manager needs support with different things such as resources, tools and methodologies. Project Resources In order to make a project, the project manager needs some help with the project resources. Resources like information will be useful to Feltram Solutions Inc. as current information is required in order to develop new project and features of it. With the help of old/current information, the manager can include new functions and acquire new information from it. For example, the manager can transfer information like details of the customer or stock into a new system. Resources like people, can be extremely helpful when developing a project. For example, a project manager can direct the employees on what to do and can give feedback to them. System analysts will collect information from others and will make specification for the new system based on the information. People like product developers help to develop the project by investigating into more detail on what to develop by using the specification. Programmers will create the project based on the specification and test it afterwards. In order to create any project, some sort of equipment and facilities are needed. This might include hardware, software, machines etc. If the organisation does not have any sort of equipment, then they need to order and install it as soon as possible or otherwise they won’t be able to progress in making the
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