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Project Management In his book, Project Management for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2013) Stanley E. Portny helps others recognize the basics of successful project management. He provides the necessary information to plan and manage projects as well as providing important guidelines to develop and use the information. Project management includes dealing with a variety of people and tips are given to help identify and involve key players. This book navigates the critical tools needed to support project planning, scheduling, budgeting, organizing and controlling. The author of this book defines a project as simply a unique specific deliverable that meets a specific purpose. Each project has three components which affect the others: specific scope, schedule, and required resources. Specific scope is the desired results or product while the schedule establishes beginning and ending dates for the project. Required resources are the number of people, funds or other resources needed to complete the project. Some projects may last only a few days while others could last for years. The author states that the first step in managing a successful project is to develop a plan to produce the desired results on time and within budget. Short projects which are thoroughly and realistically planned are most likely to succeed. However, larger, more complex projects are more likely to encounter things that don’t work as planned. The greatest chance for success comes when

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