Project Management Library Renovation

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Project management principles Project management principles are typically learnt from experience and are generally valid for all projects and the project manager has to know when and how to apply them to a project (Harold, 2009). In the library building project these principles could have helped reduce problems during and after renovations of the library. Tailor to suit the environment: whatever project management methodology or framework a manger favours, it must be tailored to suit the needs of their project. Levy (2002) says, rather than blindly following a methodology, the project manager must be able to adapt procedures to meet the demands of the work in hand. How the manager plan on a two-week project is likely to be very…show more content…
Quality issues that must be addressed by the project manager Chris Jones (2011) points that Poor quality management can stand in the way of a successful project. The two keys to avoiding lapsing into substandard quality management are to remember, first, that the project sponsor and your client determine quality—the project manager and project team do not. The library building design concerns of the senior residents was a quality criteria be considered when building instead of increasing space for children and teen’s activities. Secondly the project manager as O. Levy (1995) suggested had to resist the urge to think that quality means the best material, the best equipment, and absolutely zero defects. While the project out more space for computers, and less space for books also more entertainment features the local senior group was displeased and thought the quality of the library had reduced. The library had changed from the traditional, quiet library they once knew. There was nobody on staff and no feature or design that made the library a special place senior-related services. In most cases, the client does not expect, and cannot afford, a perfect solution. If there are just a few bumps in the project, the client can still say that the project delivered to a high level of quality. Spinner (2007) said, however a flawlessly designed, defect-free solution that does not meet the client 's needs will not be considered high quality. Due to less
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