Project Management Life Cycle

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Project Management Life Cycle

The Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) addresses the project management needs for all systems development projects. It is applicable to new system development projects and to maintenance projects for existing systems.

What is a Project Management Life Cycle?

A system development project is a set of activities that starts and ends at identifiable points in time and that produces quantifiable and qualifiable deliverables. Projects are staffed by people using processes and technology to design, develop and deliver a product package. People, processes and technology all have to be managed during the life of a project.

Project Management is the process by which a project is initiated, planned, controlled,
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The PMLC does not contain the detailed description of every method used within the life cycle. These detailed method descriptions are contained in the Supporting Processes section of the methodology. When needed, the PMLC references these Supporting processes. Methods such as project planning, project estimation, project scheduling, risk management, resource management, cost management, time management, project reporting, configuration management, incident reporting, tracking and resolution, etc. are part of the Supporting Processes.

What Needs to be Managed? Projects are organized and staffed by people of varying skills, responsibilities and roles. In order to perform their work, these people use processes (ad hoc or standardized) and tools.

Projects are constrained by many factors. The common ones are time, cost, resources, product requirements and quality. The ultimate goal of a project team is to deliver a product on time, within budget, that meets the product requirement and quality constraints. To achieve this goal the team must use effective methods to manage the people, processes and tools used for the project. The following need to be considered for each:


* Identification of roles, responsibilities, and skills needed for the project.
* Identification of types and numbers of people resources needed to meet project roles,
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