Project Management : Management And Organizational Issues

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Projects doesn’t work in isolation, rather they operate in an organization environment, therefore, project managers need to take a system or holistic approach in order to solve complex problems when they are working on projects integrating business and organizational issues into their planning (Schwalbe, 2014). The systems approach has been defined as a process of problem solving mainly forcing reviews on the relations of the various subsystems, understanding this dynamic approach that integrates all activities into a meaningful system seeking an optimal solution or strategy in solving problem (Kerzner, 2009). In project management this approach is worthiness, it enables project managers to make decision that address the needs of the entire organization, not thinking in isolation, but, understanding how projects relate to the whole organization. Today, companies are surviving mainly because base their operations on projects, success companies and projects use a system approach to understand and identify technological, business and organizational issues related to each project in order to satisfy stakeholders and do what is better for the entire company (Wysocki, 2014) Herzberg conducted investigations in factors that cause job satisfaction as motivators and factors that could cause dissatisfaction as hygiene factors (Marchewka, 2005). Herzberg highlights that hygiene factors would cause dissatisfaction if not present but would not motivate workers to do more if are present
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