Project Management : Management Process

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Project management is a procedure to arranging and directing project methodologies from beginning to end. Project managers should be able to meet scope, time, expense, and quality objectives of activities, also they ought to encourage the whole methodology to address the needs and desires of individuals included in the project. It is a job to manage project’s goals, timeline and budget clearly. Project management process have these key components.
• Integration Management
• Scope Management
• Time Management
• Cost Management
• Quality Management
• Human Resource Management
• Communication Management
• Risk Management
• Procurement Management
• Stakeholder Management

Project Integration Management: It is a component of project management
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Project Time Management: Delivering project on time is one of the biggest challenges project manager faces and it causes the main conflict in the projects. Individual work styles and social contrasts might also cause schedule clashes. Key process for time management is planning a schedule, defining and sequencing activities, and estimating activity will explain that how much people, equipment and money will be needed to finish a project.
Project Cost Management: To succeed in dealing with extend the project manager needs to figure out how to make cost estimations and create cost spreadsheets. Successful project cost management allows each project to be particular and exceptional in light of the fact that involves costs and obliges particular financing.
Project Quality Management: The purpose behind project quality management is to guarantee that the project will fulfill the requirements for which it was attempted. Quality management is a consistent process that begins and ends with the project. It is all about preventing and evading than measuring and settling low quality productions.
Project Human Resource Management: Project Human Resource Management incorporates the courses of action needed to make the best utilization of the individuals included with
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