Project Management Methodologies For The Development Essay

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The first chapter introduced the research problem that raised the question of whether adaption project management methodologies can be tailored down to Nigerian SMEs. This chapter presents the academic literature pertinent to the research, and places it in context of the research. The aim of this chapter is to provide the background information of the research topic and to show the gaps in the research literature, so as to identify the areas this research will focus on. The main function of this chapter is to establish a solid foundation of the existing literature (historical, conceptual and empirical), and to investigate in line with the research objectives.
The need to realize big and complex projects dates backs to the early years of civilization and is at the source of necessity to think Projects. Project Management (PM) is now a separate discipline that is adopted by various fields. The usage of the PM continues to grow rapidly by as much as 20 percent per year. The project management institute, for instance, the professional association of the project management increased its world-wide membership to over 70,000. The need for the efficient and effective management is widely recognized (O’Sheedy, 2012). Therefore, the field of project management theory and practice has taken tremendous strides forward in the past few decades (Demeulemeester & Herroelen, 2002: 20-21). PM has gone through the long
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