Project Management Methods Used By Small And Medium Enterprises Essay

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This chapter provides details of the research methodology outlining the methods employed in analyzing the data that was gathered during the pilot survey and during the actual research study. Together with the method of research design, population of the study, sampling technique/sample, instrumentation as well as the validity and reliability of the instruments used. It also stated the method of data collection and method of analyzing the data collected.
The first step in conducting this research involved the selection of the appropriate methodology in order to gather information about the project management methodologies used by small and medium enterprises. A pilot survey will be conducted based on semi-structured and open-ended interviews with one Small and medium scale organization to ascertain how accurate and adequate the data collected would be. The pilot survey will revealed the need for the research to incorporate a structured interview questionnaire in order to refine the research instrument to assist with the in-depth collection of all the relevant project management techniques and tools that may be utilized by small and medium enterprises. These techniques were obtained from relevant literature.
According to Kothari (1995), the major purpose of descriptive research is to describe the state of affairs as they currently exist, including fact-finding and surveys of different kinds. The
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