Project Management Of A Famous Agricultural Products Manufacturing Company

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Project management plays a vital role in every working organization which has to accomplish certain goals. Even when there was non-existence of project management concept, organizations used it in the system of work. In this report, we have uncovered some of the facts and files related to the approach of project management of a famous agricultural products manufacturing company named Monsanto. This company started its operations in U.S.A. but later on expanded market in many other countries.
In this project report, our team presents the concept of project management used by a designated company, which in further explains the approaches used and impact on the profitability. Based on the different sources such as the project manager of
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In 2002, Monsanto Company was re-established as an independent company focused 100 percent on agriculture. With more than 404 facilities across 67 countries such as China, Argentina, Brazil, India and Canada, The Monsanto provide seeds for a wide array of fruits and vegetables and also corn, cotton and soybeans. But also produces all kind of solution to help the farmers to have a more sustainable harvest and contributes to the diet for cows, pigs and chickens. Monsanto was named "Company of the Year" by Forbes Magazine in 2009. Science Magazine ranked Monsanto as 5th on its 2013 Top Employers list, describing its top attributes as "innovative leader in the industry", "makes changes needed", and "does important quality research". In a press release, HRC president Chad Griffin stated that the company was going "above and beyond the call of duty." Monsanto executive, Robert Fraley, won the World Food Prize in 2013 for "breakthrough achievements in founding, developing, and applying modern agricultural biotechnology". (Monsanto: A Sustainable Agriculture Company, n.d.)


1. Identify and describe the current approach to project management used by this company.
(There is no specific methodology or software to manage the projects by the company as was told by the contact person. But as described by the contact person, later on, after analysis, there system falls under Matrix structure.)
The current approach to project management used by the
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