Project Management Office

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What is the purpose and mission of a PMO? 1
What are the main challenges and obstacles in implementing a PMO? 5
What structures and governance mechanisms are critical to effective PMO implementation? 6
How much PM is enough PM? How much PMO support is enough PMO support? 9
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What is the purpose and mission of a PMO?

The purpose of a Project Management Office is to define and maintain projects management standards that must be implemented and adhered to throughout the organisation. The project management office must standardise the way that projects are executed by ensuring that policies, processes and procedures are repeated in exactly the same way in all of the projects that are performed in the
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Project Governance: During this activity the structure of the PMO and how it fits into the rest of the organization is defined. It must be decided of the PMO will be centralised in the organization or if it will be used in a consultative role. If it is the formed then the project managers will form part of the PMO staff, if the latter then the project managers will use the PMO to do consulting.

Resource Management: If the PMO operates in a centralised model then the PMO becomes responsible for managing the resources needed on the project. This allows the project managers to focus on managing the projects and not to spend time attempting to get resources from the functional managers. The PMO becomes responsible to negotiate for resources from the functional managers that that they then use across multiple projects.

Mentoring: The mentoring role the PMO plays should add significant value to the organization. Due to the structured approach that a PMO implements and all the standardised processes and procedures it becomes easy that senior staff members become mentors to the junior staff members and thereby ensuring that the best practices are followed by all the staff members in the organization.

Project Portfolio Management: Historically project portfolio management has been performed by the senior management team. Considering the importance of project portfolio management in ensuring that the correct projects
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