Project Management Office ( Pmo )

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Project Management Office (PMO)
According to Project Management Institute (PMI 2008), a PMO is an organizational body or entity assigned various responsibilities related to the centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain.
The role of the project management office (PMO) has increased nowadays, as many organizations are implementing it. According to PMI (PMI 2011), organizations with a PMO report more projects coming in on time, on budget and meeting intended goals to those without a PMO.
The Ocean Cleanup Foundation has over 100 volunteers who are mainly scientists and engineers, and their management includes, the CEO, operation manager, financial officer, lead oceanographer and lead engineer. Thus,
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cies, and best practices
2- Assist the project managers in meeting their project’s goals and deliver milestones within budget, time, and scope
3- Assist the project team in reducing and managing any potential risk
4- Monitor and evaluate the progress of the project through conducting quarterly reports and metrics
5- Assist in assigning the project personnel
6- Monitor the usage of the project resources
7- Provide training and mentoring support
8- Coordinate the work between the units
9- Keep the whole team up to date with new technologies, tools and software
10- Report project’s status to senior management
11- Assist project managers in developing cost estimation and project schedule
12- Create the best method for sharing and updating the project WBS, schedule, cost estimation, and reports with those working on the project
Steps to establishing Project Management Office (PMO)
Ocean Cleanup’s senior management should design and staff the PMO base on the following steps:
1- Perform an assessment of the existing procedures, and policies and address any gab or issue in that matter
2- Evaluate the skills of the people working on the project, and determine the trainings needed
3- Develop a PMO charter that identifies their objectives, responsibilities, and their structure within the organization
4- Determine if the PMO staff will work full time or as contractors
5- Determine the number of PMO staff
6- Determine the location of the PMO
7- Develop PMO targeted goals and
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