Project Management

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Hajar Alharbi – IS 430 – Final Project March 14, 2016 a) Printing books in a print shop, especially large quantities of a single book, is a process. A process is an ongoing day-­‐to-­‐day repetitive set of activities the print shop performs when producing its products. How are these customized eBooks different from a standard printing process? What characteristics make these customized eBooks a project? The difference…show more content…
The stakeholders of a project can have different definition of a project success. Moreover, they can influence or affected by the success of failure of the project. There are external and internal stakeholders for each company .In Global Green Books Publishing case; the main external stakeholders are the professor and the students. However, they don’t have the same level influence on the project. In other words, they’re involved to a point where a project can’t be initiated without receiving their requests or orders. For example, the professors send their requests so the company can get the printing job done. A late order request would cause a delay in the printing end date. Consequently, the students and the professors will receive them a week or two after the semester start date. So, they will not be able to
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