Project Management Essay

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Project Management Project Management is quickly becoming a field of study and importance in the business world. A search on the Internet of the title “Project Management” yields hundreds or results including forums, training manuals and job openings for related positions. Project Management is a broad term referencing the necessary steps taken by management to ensure a product is feasible before and during implementation. According to Project Management Learning Objectives, the steps to achieve success in this area include: testing and measuring products, evaluating and managing the product cycle, comparing costs and benefits, measuring product worth, economic analysis, product analysis, teambuilding and leadership, and budgeting…show more content…
When everyone on the team is expected to contribute to the ideas and goals of the project, they gain a personal emotional attachment to the project outputs. The Guru Guide explains that “The most productive organization is the one in which “there is the largest Amount of voluntary action; people do the right things, things that optimize Total effectiveness, at the right times-because they understand what ought to be Done, they believe these are the right things to do, and they take the necessary actions without being instructed” (Boyett, 37). Research has proven that employees are more likely to work towards company goals when they [employees] believe in and support the goals. It is imperative that management and employees determine project goals to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals and outputs. An implemented project with no employee backing will not be as successful because employees do not feel the project is their project, therefore, they do not see the outputs as representation of themselves. Since many projects require a large amount of time to complete, many times employees may find themselves loosing sight of the goals. There are many different ways to eliminate such problems. Management of Projects Online suggests that management take the following steps in reducing project burnout: make sure to appoint project leaders to every aspect of the project; the leaders should be committed and motivate the employees. Continue to
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