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Review of Capstone Project
Purpose: The goal of this project is to show that you can demonstrate communication skills in the business and professional environment; apply research methods and tools to solve problems; demonstrate foundational IT literacy and competencies; apply industry standards to networking solutions; evaluate technical aspects of systems software, hardware, and services; and design, configure, and deliver network systems.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Apply important concepts of project management to the actual Capstone Project proposed for this course. 

Use Microsoft Office Project to help plan and manage the actual Capstone Project.

Analyze the requirements for
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These computer systems (hardware as well as software) will need to be upgraded and the existing data will need to be transferred into the new computer system.
The office in the center of the city has a local area network (LAN) in the building; however, it will require upgrades in software and hardware because all the equipment, including the server and personal workstations as well as network devices for the LAN, are all very dated. The upgrades will ensure the system capability and capacity that can provide a centralized solution to the data storage and management for the new partnership among all the five offices as well as meeting the additional information and communications needs for the distributed nature of the new partnership. Therefore, this office will be the official central office that handles all the data communications for the entire business. Patient information and major services such as billing and insurance will be hosted in this location for access by all sites. Currently a Novell 4.5 server provides the network services (mainly for files, printing, and backup functions) between the server and all the existing workstations running Windows 98. Currently the entire building has two PCs in the front, one in the nurses’ office and one in the supervisor’s office, which is shared by the office supervisor and the billing manager.
Currently, both the East and West offices also have an identical LAN that interconnects the PCs in
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