Project Management

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Acme Home Improvement de Mexico, SA de CV Expansion Project Plan Project Masters, LLC Tyler M. Falcone Chanda M. Morris Sean P. Riley Michael S. Wenthold AMBA640, Section 9244 Professor Williams April 24, 2010 Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction 3 Existing Knowledge 3 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 5 Dependencies 7 Construction Analysis 9 Required Resources 11 Pre-Construction: 11 Construction: 12 Project Completion and Final Inspection: 12 Delivery of Inventory: 13 Staffing and Training: 13 Project Dashboard 15 Conclusion 17 References 19 Appendix A: Project Charter & Organizational Chart 21 Appendix B: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionary 27…show more content…
Project schedule due dates have been extended accordingly. Many home improvement products are universal regardless of market. Acme will be able to leverage this existing product knowledge for its Mexico City location. Acme will also be able to learn from competitor Home Depot who has already entered the home improvement market in Mexico. By touring several Home Depot locations in the Mexico City area, Acme will be able to see which store layout, merchandising, and promotional ideas seem the most effective. Acme will need to consider the tax implications of an international project. The project in Mexico City has been established under a S.A. structure and as such will have to “pay U.S. Federal taxes on any dividend income [brought] into the U.S., on top of and after paying Mexican business taxes” (Stevens-Huffman, 2008, Jan). Acme will have to compete with Home Depot, the largest retailer of home improvement products in both Mexico and the U.S. (Home Depot, 2010). Acme will however have two distinct advantages over the competition. The Acme store size of 100,000 square feet and 40,000 are both considerably larger than Home Depot’s 66,000 square feet and 20,000 products. The larger variety of products should draw customers to the new location. While not in yet in Mexico City, Lowe’s recently opened two locations in Mexico and may be a future competitor (Marketwatch, 2010, Feb 5). Acme will also have the advantage of
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