Project Management

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Project Management (MGT6153) Directed Reading From Chapter 1 To Chapter 6 Instructor: William A. Moylan, PMP Students: Chang, Li-Li Yang, Shen-Shan Kuo, Hsien-Kai (ID: 88383) (ID: 88855) (ID: 88374) Chapter 1 Project in Contemporary Organizations Question 1. The twelve guidelines are presented in no particular order. Order them by level of importance and explain your reasoning. Answer The twelve guidelines should be order as below, the reason also is stated at the behind of each title. 1) Understand the context of project management. Much of the difficulty in becoming an effective project manager lies in understanding the particular challenges project management. 2) Understand who the stakeholders are and what they want.…show more content…
3 Chapter 2 Project selection Question 1. What project selection method described in the chapter will ABI probably employ for this proposal? Answer According to the description, the project selection method is profitability of numeric model. We might see the points from the business strategy 1) Bid only on good margin products that have the potential for maintaining their margins over a long term. 2) Pursue only new products. 3) Utilize the most advanced technology in new projects. “ project champion” approach to innovation and creativity. no more than 480 employees. 4) Foster the 5) Maintain small plants of Question 2. What are the answers to Steve White’s questions? Answer Steve White’s questions, 1) ABI is already achieving an excellent return on investment (ROI). Won’t these investments simply tend to dilute it? Yes, it could be. Jim wondered what these changes in their assumptions would do to the ROI of the proposal and it’s over all profitability. 2) Will the cost in new equipment be returned by an equivalent reduction in labor? Where’s the payoff? The cost in new equipment will be returned by the reduction in labor, if the well training for the employee and make the new equipment efficient. ABI had to make this investment to protect its profitable position in the business, the payoff certainly should be no
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