Project Management

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I. Background of the Study

Leadership involves recognizing and articulating the need to significantly alter the direction and operation of the project, aligning people to the new direction, and motivating them to work together to overcome hurdles produced by the change and to realize new objectives. Indeed, leadership is all about coping with change. One of the things that makes good project managers valuable is that they have the ability to both manage and as well as lead a project. In doing so they recognize the need to manage the project interfaces and build a social network that allows them to find out what needs to be done.
However, there are instances wherein first time project managers tend to be assertive of their own ideas
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The problems found in the case occurred while Tom and his team is currently performing the completion of the installation project namely “Pegasus”. A potential social network problem will more likely to occur if the team members of Tom don’t cooperate with Tom in the sense that they could barely gave him status reports about the concerns, needs and requests urgently needs resolution. As presented in the analysis above, it is evident that the problem is concerning the part of project team members. Since Tom initiated give-and-take interactions with the team, it is expected that the team should be active in their performance. Though new management style was introduced and Tom was primarily new in his career as project manager, it implies that the project team members should be flexible in order to finish the said project effectively and efficiently. Indeed, the management will affect the employees and how they view their work in the organization. Also, we can see that the type of management of Bray was not that really effective in the type of project that they were making.

IV. Answers to End of the Case Questions

1. What do you think is going on at the end of this case?

The proponents
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