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Project Management Paper
Manuel Angel Cortez
University of Phoenix

Project Management Paper
Organizations leaders are facing difficult challenges because of the rapid changes in government and technology, which has created pressure in organizations. The aforementioned changes have made way for a new type of management; project management, far different from the traditional structure for managing. This document will describe the definition of a project. The paper will also touch basis on the basic phases of the project life cycle and their purposes, and why it is important for organizations to use project management to accomplish tasks.
Project Definition A project can be defined as a “temporary endeavor undertaken to create a
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Importance for Organizations to use Project Management to Accomplish Tasks The use of project management to accomplish any task for an organization is important. On time and at cost, project managers are valuable assets to an organization. “Most of the time a project manager is a project owner. He or she is responsible for the leadership of the project from inception to completion. The project manager leads the team and helps negotiate the multiple relationships within any project” (Carr, 2010). Having a project manager within an organization can have many benefits. A project manager can benefit an organization by identifying responsibilities, reducing the need for unnecessary reports, measuring the accomplishments against plans, and knowing when all objectives will be met or exceeded (Krezner, 2006). Conclusion The traditional approach to project management is to identify where he or she is right now, and what he or she is trying to accomplish, and the steps needed to take to arrive where he or she wants to be. Project management is the process of activities or tasks that lead to the successful completion of a project. Carrying out a simple project that involves two or three individuals or one that involves a mix of individuals, tasks, and organizations is a big difference. If an individual has an unlimited amount of money and time, project
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