Project Management, Perspective, Planning and Implementation

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Question 1 The biggest challenge for the project manager is to develop an integrated planning and control tool. Critically discuss this statement with the aid of practical examples. To develop an integrated planning and control tool is the biggest challenge for a Project Manager because of many uncertainties in any project. One of the most vital issues is ensuring that all the planning steps are adhered to, namely, the Project Charter; Feasibility Study; Scope Management; Build Method; Execution Strategy; Work Breakdown Structure; Organisational Breakdown Structure; Critical Path Method; Schedule Barchart; Procurement Schedule; Resource Histogram; Budgets and Cash flow; Communication, Project Quality, Risk Management and Baseline Plan.…show more content…
Establishing the project organisation and defining the specific activities to be performed would be the next steps. The need to establish the role players that have been specially set up as a part of the project team and the person responsible for performing the work would be ideal. As per Rory Burke “ The integration of the project team and the company departments is often through a matrix structure where the project team overlays the company’s hierarchal structure. Achieving buy in by all the stakeholders is critical for the project to be successful.” This was the main cause for failure of the SANRAL e-tolling project. The next step would be to graphically display the activities of the project in the form of a Network diagram. The purpose of the network diagram is to display logical relationships among the various activities that take place within a project. It also allows the project manager to see how the numerous activities course towards conclusion of the project in a chronological order. It provides an overview as to how resources are used in a project for a certain period of time which could help the project manager to
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