Project Management Pl Developing Performance Expectancies For The Project Team Essay

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Part of the planning process of a project is developing performance expectancies for the project team with the purpose of successfully completing the endeavor. A project manager must develop specific plans that guide team members through project process in a systematic approach, provide the tools that will be needed to skillfully complete the project, and ensure that the client’s requirements are met with the finished service. Establishing a procurement and change management plans supplies structure in which resources can be purchased and adjustments can be made to the project. Ethical and human resources considerations must also be taken into account, especially if staffing is accomplished in different countries. All of these elements supports the planning process of the endeavor and establishes the standards in which the project is accomplished.
Procurement Management
One of the areas of importance within an undertaking is the acquisition of resources to complete the work packages. The procurement management plan outlines how the team will obtain resources outside of the organization (PMI, 2013a). The plan should include the types of contracts and documentation that must be used, guidelines to request quotes and information, a list of approved vendors, regulatory standards that must be complied, risk mitigation for procurement, procurement metrics and measurements, and criteria and tools to determine to rent, buy, lease or make a resource (Vaidyanathan, 2013). All of
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