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Project Management Plan 5.1 Project plan Based on the project lifecycle model you choose in section 4 above, develop a project plan and: The primary drive of applied ASAP roadmap is to implement the Get-Revved system. This can be achieved by six phases that proposed by SAP GE. The main six phases are Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation, Go-live, and Operate. However, each phase has it owns sub-tasks which enable each phase to successfully address the proposed of it. Therefrom, understanding each phase propose and its sub-activities is essentially important to implement Get-Revved system. The phases and main sub-activities will be demonstrated below. Most of these activities are taken from different…show more content…
Therefrom, Get-Revved must give this task a high consideration Prepare Training Plan: Quality check: formalize the quality of project`s activities which will assess the poetical risk and verification all tasks involved with the Project Preparation phase Sign-off Project Preparation Phase: final sign-off of the Project Preparation Phase. Phase 2: Business Blueprint The main objective of this phase is to allow the company to understand and extract information on how to define ASP solution in orders to support their business. While it is essential to define the scope (in scope and out scope) and functional requirement, the main focus of this phase is on the rapid step of validation user needs. The validation user needs are collected either by intervening the stakeholder, set up questionnaires form or any other collection data technique. The business blueprint phase activities are elaborated below. Review Project Preparation: because the business blueprint is depending on the previous phase, the project preparation should be reviewed. Conduct interviews with stakeholder: interviewed all connected business people and end users to understand the current business domain, set up the scope, potential problem, identify the highest priority system and other functions. Define the Business Organization Structure:

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