Project Management Pl Reston Station

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Project Management Plan - Reston Station Phase 1 Garage

Project Description
Reston Station Phase 1 Garage is the first of many new building projects in Reston to usher in the arrival of the Metro Rail Silver Line Expansion in early 2014. The Wiehle Avenue stop on the new route running from downtown Washington D.C to Dulles International Airport lies adjacent to the new Reston Station project being built by Comstock Partners Limited and Fairfax County Virginia (a public-private partnership). The project consists of a 7 level, 1.3 million square foot underground garage that will one day be the foundation for 3 office buildings, a 700-unit apartment building, and a 20 story hotel.

1. Project Location
Reston Station is a transit-oriented, mixed-use, urban employment center in the Dulles Corridor of Fairfax County, which includes the Wiehle – Reston East Metro station, located in Reston, Virginia.
2. Project Schedule
The Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, otherwise known as the Metro Silver Line
Expansion, is the overarching public transit project dictating the schedule for the Reston Station
Garage. With plans for phase 1 of the new rail line to be operational at the beginning of 2014,
Fairfax County must ensure that adequate parking is available for commuters that will be using the rail system daily. Fairfax County and Comstock Partner (a public-private partnership) chose to negotiate a Construction Manager at-risk contract with DAVIS Construction at an early stage in design

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