Project Management Plan Critique Essay

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Project Management Plan

1. Executive Summary
A project management is a directional approach of planning and guiding project process to its ultimate goal from start to finish. In this project, the main task is to develop a Web-Based system through with customers can rent video games. This online application should be able to perform all the operations online as well as provide solution for any problems. All the management and planning has been done as well as all the phases required for project management plan has been carried out which includes: a. Phase 1: Initiation b. Phase 2: Planning or design c. Phase 3: Production or execution d. Phase 4: Monitoring and controlling e. Phase 5:
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The description mentioned in the PMP is very detailed and it gives a very good outlook of what the project will look like when completed and how much it will cost and the time frame.

9. Project manager and Team Members
The name, email address, cost and position of all the team members and project manager is clearly mentioned. However, it forgets to mention the phone number, qualification, actual address, and back-up contact person.

10. Stake Holders
All the stake holders with their details and complete responsibilities is acknowledged with their respective managing relationships. Their area of interest and level of interest in also well coated.

11. Deliverables
There are no immediate and test deliverables. A final product will be released at the end of the project cycle but it will be tested and adjusted when required during each phase.

12. Definitions
Definitions are clearly mentioned and creates no confusion. So it is correct.

4. PMP Critique

13. Introduction
Project management critique requires a detailed and careful insight of the project. It requires a high level overview of the project and what is included in the project Management Plan, and most importantly the approach is adequate for project completion. Excessive details is not necessary but a critical comprehension is a must.

14. Organization
In project, team chart, responsibilities and work frame is clearly mentioned
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