Project Management Plan For A Project Manager

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Introduction: Scenario D was a challenging assignment to complete within the project objective goals set by the executives. Even though I was able to complete the project on time, I was unable to keep my budget on track and keep the morale of my team between eighty-five through ninety-five percent. This week’s lesson has taught me how valuable a project manager is to the success of the organization’s project. Not only it is our responsibility to be a problem solver, it is the project manager’s job to be the collective voice of the stakeholders to outline the practicality of the project demands. This week’s readings helped me gain insight of what a project manager needs to do and bring to the table when a project’s demands will overall jeopardize the success of the project. The overall theme of this paper outlines how important it is to have transparent top-down and bottom-up communication. I also will express how vital it is to create strategic alignment throughout the lifecycle of the project. Scope Risk: The scope of the project is to deliver a competitive product the meets the management’s expectations. The target schedule of the project was to provide a multifunctional printer to leapfrog the competitor’s new product before it hit the market on week twelve. The project goals, deliverables and requirements were very clear, however it seemed like after the first week of the project, my team did not reach a consensus on the requirements. Heldman expresses, a team not
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