Project Management Plan For A Project Manager

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In order for projects to be completed efficiently, an organisation needs to provide clear guidance on the project objectives, performance and quality, budget, time to completion and their relative importance. Project managers must also be given the correct level of authority to allow them to ensure a project is guided effectively and efficiently through to completion.

Project managers function as bandleaders who pull together their players each a specialist with individual score and internal rhythm. Under the leader’s direction, they all respond to the same beat.

At the request of the vice president, the interview transcripts with individual project managers have been reviewed revealing that Australia Communications,
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Historically ACI was a functional hierarchical company where staff members completed tasks within their work unit and reported directly to one manager. It would appear, although an attempt has been made to alter this arrangement resistance from the line managers has resulted in little change.

Organisational Culture
It would seem that there are a few facets of ACIs culture that may be affecting the companies’ ability to create an organisational structure that is conducive to effective project management. The first issue is that the engineers hold all major positions within the company. Although not necessarily surprising in a firm dominated by engineers, there have been many studies into the effectiveness of engineers as managers and their often difficult transition from a technical role to a pure management position. Furthermore, this lack of diversity in the management team may also stifle ACIs ability to recognise the need for change and effectively progress from its traditional approach to workflows.

ACI has also fostered a divisive culture; due to the management team being solely selected from the engineering department, there is little hope for others to progress. This division was highlighted in the interview transcripts with the large customer project manager, who stated that both marketing and the engineering group perceive the project team to be of lesser importance within the company. The lack of
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