Project Management Plan For Efficient Human Resource Management Planning

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This is a case study about a project failure due to inefficient human resource management planning. This paper begins with a brief background of the case followed by identifying the issues needing attention. There will be a discussion on who was responsible for the failure and whether or not the appropriate direction was justified. There will be a brief summary of what I felt would be a better plan followed by any lessons learned I gained from this case study. Background Desi Solutions, a project management consulting firm was hired by an organization for a large project and due to the size of the project required additional staffing beginning with the hiring of a human resource manager (HRM). This position required someone who had strong leadership skills that would be needed to plan, manage and execute the human resource management processes for the project. Desi Solutions hired the HRM who then continued to hire key positions, filling the pre-assigned positions first and then the balance of the staff based on the staffing management plan. The consulting firm also identified the key performance indicators (KPI) of the project which included the hiring of the staff needed within the time constraints set while minimizing attrition, managing initiatives contributing to the existing human resource processes and leading the human resource team to improved performance. The project was making the required progress until the project encountered a roadblock (Singh, 2015).
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