Project Management Plan For The Canadian Arrow Rocket

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Introduction The Schedule Management Plan for the assembly of the Canadian Arrow Rocket will be the guide to completion of the project in the time guideline agreed upon in the Project Charter and the Project Management Plan. The Schedule management plan is important to provide the SST team, the Sponsor and the Customer, Scaled Composites with the information on what the projects status will be at a given point in time. The purpose of the schedule management plan will be to outline the duration of each task and allow for a baseline to determine if schedule changes will need to occur to make the deadline. Definite Duration Matrix Schedule Methodology The Project Schedule will be developed by using Microsoft Excel to…show more content…
As the worked packages are completed and signed off by the PM, the schedule will be updated to reflect each work package completion. The resources completing each task will be required to report completion times immediately following the conclusion of the work package. The PM will communicate schedule adherence updates to the Sponsor at every milestone. Duration Estimates and Units of Measure The amount of time that will be required to complete each work package will be estimated by recommending the number of work periods needed to complete individual activities with the estimated resources. All estimated duration times will be reported in whole hours, rounding any partial hours up to the next whole hour. Partial days will be rounded up to the next whole day. The estimated duration times will be reviewed and must fall in line with the scheduled Project completion date. Operational Procedure & Process Organizational procedure links provides WBS (Appendix A) as the framework for the management plan, allowing for the consistency with the estimates and resulting schedules. Furthermore, historical information can be gathers from previous projects, standardize processes, and acts as a template that contain standard activity. Organizational process assets are formal and informal activity regarding planning related policies, guidelines, and scheduling methodology, aiding and developing activity definitions (PMI,

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