Project Management Plan For The City Of Casa Grande, Hoa Communities

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June 29, 2015
: Project planning is initiated
July 6
, 2015: Initiation of Project
July 7
, 2015: Project kick off meeting
July 8
, 2015: Job posting is put up for three new landscapers
20, 2015: Begin bidding on projects for the City of Casa Grande, HOA communities and other large businesses.
July 27
, 2015: Select candidates to be interviewed and schedule interviews.
, 2015: Begin interviews
August 3
, 2015: Finish up the interviews
August 7
, 2015: Offer positions
August 10
, 2015: Begin training of new recruits
August 17
, 2015: Secure new bids
September 5
, 2015: Finalize training period with new recruits
September 8
2015: Launch new services with new customers
Project Management Plan
Outline of Project
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I, as the project manager, will have the sole and exclusive authority and responsibility for the management and the execution of this project. The project team will consi st of me as the project manager, Cuauhtemoc Cordova as the project sponsor, and his current two employees as training leads. The project manager will work with all resources planned and dedicated to this project. All plans relating to the management of the project will be reviewed and approved by the project sponsor. All delegation of approval authority for the project manager will be done in writing and signed by both the project sponsor and project manager. Using the Project
Management Plan, the project m anager will be able to manage the project appropriately, will be able to track the progress of the project, and will be able to solve any issues with reasonable solutions. 2.
Change Management Plan
The change management plan is very important. This plan will detail the procedure for submitting change requests. Change requests are very important because they can greatly impact a project’s cost, risk, schedule and scope. The Change request process is detailed below: 1.
Identify the need for a change.
ng the need for change means that if any member of the project team feels that change needs to be made, than they have identified change.
Log change identified into excel spreadsheet and send it to the project manager.
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